Whether using LIVEPICTURE for the smallest rooms’ decoration or turning a whole building to a vertical garden with LIVEPANEL and GREEN SCREEN. We will find a perfect green solution for your project.

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The advantage of Mobilane is compactness and mobility. Almost all solutions include hidden water tanks that are not visible from the outside and allow the plants to receive moisture for 4-6 consecutive weeks. After this period a stylish indicator in the form of a watering can will appear in the bottom left corner. This means that you would just need to refill the tank with water watching the control float that will show the maximum filling level in advance. However, you can always choose automatic watering (available for Live Panel), for which you will already need to have water supply, a separate place for the control unit, as well as connection to power supply. All structures are assembled as a constructor and attached to the wall with ordinary screws, like paintings.

Each Mobilane product has been designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, goes with a relevant patent, a number of EU quality certificates and a 10-year warranty. Mobilane belongs to the DARTHUIZER GROUP, which has been developing innovative gardening solutions for over 80 years and has established itself as a manufacturer of exceptional quality products.

All plants used in the products are hardy for as many growing conditions as possible and most unpretentious. Each plant is grown in one of Mobilane greenhouses with unique high-tech equipment, so plants are healthy and fully meet the specified characteristics. As a result, plants in the ready to install compositions need minimal care, and you can easily do it yourself or we will be happy to offer our service.

Yes! Each Mobilane product is made of separate elements like a constructor. These elements are made of high quality materials and are easy to assemble and disassemble. It is just as easy to remove individual Plant Cartridges, which is useful not only for moving but also for replacing some plants, if necessary, without dismantling the base construction.

Tropical plants with a small root system are used in vertical gardening, so there is enough space for them in the pockets of Plant Cartridges. Plants in the pockets have access to the wick fabric through which they receive required moisture volume, so they grow in perfectly comfortable conditions.

If the space is dominated by artificial lighting, we recommend using phytolamps in plants growing places. The lighting required under such conditions is 1000-2000 Lux per 1 square meter. Also, the lighting should be turned on for at least 10 hours a day.