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Mobilane is a living constructor that you can modify over time. To implement your ideas, we offer additional accessories for our products.

Plant Cassette (without plants)

LivePicture is made up of plant cassettes. Each plant cassette contains 3 slots (Pot size 9) in which a plant can be placed in fertile soil. All slots are linked to each other at the back by means of a capillary cloth. The cloth is connected to the installed water gutter, which supplies the plants with the required nutrients.

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LiveCassette (pre-cultivated plant cassette)

Mobilane experts have carefully selected and tested nine different plant compositions based on their appearance and their own unique properties. All compositions listed on our website can be pre-grown on request. Please note the growing time is at least 12 weeks after ordering excluding the delivery time.

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The frame can be ordered in five different sizes: LivePicture 1 – 4 (each number stands for the number of cassettes) and LivePicture XL.

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Decorative Frame for LIVEPANEL

The standard option for installing LivePanel does not include decorative frame. However, such profile can be ordered separately, measuring the frame perimeter length in meters. The decorative frame is made of anodized aluminum, but for an additional fee it can be painted in any color RAL, NCS.

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In case of manual watering the plants receive water from the tank within 4-6 weeks. After this period, the tank has to be refilled with water through a special hole. A suitable funnel is supplied with the system to prevent spilling.

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Automatic Irrigation

The irrigation system is easy to install. All you need is a 220V power plug, a water connection and there needs to be a drainage point underneath the wall. Level sensors are installed in the LivePanel wall and are wired to the controller of the irrigation system. After programming the controller, the irrigation system will automatically detect if watering is necessary and this way no water is wasted.

The following features can be optional:

  • alarm system for low water or power failure
  • frost protection for outdoor walls
  • full control web based irrigation system, including monitoring and support
  • break tank
  • backflow prevention
  • pressure pump
  • pressure reducer

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Steel and Softwood Posts

Green Screen can be attached directly to a post that can be ordered separately. Posts are available in softwood and metal (green coated) varieties. Post size depends on the height of the hedge.

Steel Post

  • Ø4.8 x 175 cm: designed for hedges measuring 100 cm in height
  • Ø4.8 x 260 cm: designed for hedges measuring 155 cm, 180 cm and 200 cm in height
  • Ø4.8 x 310 cm: designed for hedges measuring 200 cm and 200 cm in height
  • Poles for hedges measuring three metres are not kept in stock. Mobilane can supply iron posts measuring ø60mm x 475cm on request (with a delivery time).

Softwood Post

  • 5.9 х 5.9 х 275 cm: designed for hedges measuring 100 cm, 155 cm, 180 cm and 200 cm in height
  • 5.9 х 5.9 х 305 cm: designed for hedges measuring 220 cm in height. Such pillar can also be cut in half and used for a hedge measuring 100 cm in height.

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Brackets for Green Screen

Green Screen is fixed to the pole of your choice using brackets. When opting for a metal pole, so-called intermediate brackets and end brackets are used (between and at the end of the hedge elements). The end brackets are also used for a sloped surface.

Only one type of bracket is used for hardwood poles.

Installation against a wall? Order the special wall brackets.

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Planter for Green Screen

Green Screen does not necessarily need to be planted in the soil. Mobilane offers a hardwood planter as an option. This container is filled with fertile soil (supplied separately), where you can just plant a Green Screen. Willing to make this design mobile? Please order a suitable wheel set containing two rotating wheels and two fixed wheels.

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Height Extension

The Mobilane green screen can be ordered in a wide range of heights. Is the height you require unavailable? Then you can opt for height extension. Extension ranges from 25 cm up to 175 cm. This allows you to achieve a hedge at the desired height.

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Entrance Gate

A garden surrounded by Mobilane green screen deserves a relevant entrance. Entrance gate can be ordered in sizes 175 cm x 100 cm (HxW) and 95 cm x 100 cm (HxW). If you prefer closed fencing, then rolls of green tape are available. This tape is woven into the fencing door wire mesh.

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