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About us

Green Deer is the official dealer of the Dutch company Mobilane which has been implementing its innovations in vertical gardening in 35 countries for over 20 years. Mobilane’s unique solutions allow adding plants to small spaces as well as creating green cities with the help of vertical gardens. Green Deer is happy to take part in the implementation of biophilic design ideas in Ukraine.

Working with us is easy

Simply aquiring plants is not enough for complex design projects greening, so each of our clients gets an individual support: starting from choosing the optimal type of products for the project and up to developing plant care programs by our specialists. You don’t have to be experts in plants in order for you and your customers to enjoy the implemented design every day for many years to come.

Step 1

We receive your project and ideas concerning greenery

Step 2

We agree on the optimal type of gardening products for your project

Step 3

We agree on technical conditions: lighting, watering system type (manual one for every 4-6 weeks or automatic one), type of plants, plants care conditions

Step 4

We sign a cooperation agreement

Step 5

Products available in Kyiv are delivered within the period starting from one day (depending on the type and size)

Step 6

Products placed in the manufacturer’s warehouse are delivered within 30-45 days

Step 7

Installation can last from 40 minutes (depending on the type of product and the chosen watering system)

Step 8

We provide training and plant care support

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    Дивовижний екологічний паркінг збудовано у лікарні Лістер, Великобританія

    У деяких установах паркінги можуть бути дійсно великими і тому помітними здалека.


    Складські приміщення або технологічне диво?

    Коли бізнес сягає світових масштабів, кожний його крок не просто стає помітним, а суттєво позначається на оточенні.


    Легкість догляду за рослинами починається з їх вибору

    У міксах Mobilane відібрані саме такі види рослин, які здебільшого у своєму догляді не потребують нічого особливого, окрім поливу.